About us

Y2K Transportation Services is a freight transport company centrally located in Langley, British Columbia. Owned and operated by Dariusz Swiderski, Y2K has been a front-runner in transportation and cartage services since its launch in 1999. Dariusz began his transportation career as a courier, quickly moving into dispatch, logistics, and management, until he eventually ventured out on his own to create Y2K.

The core of our business model is delivering the best service for our customers, while always ensuring our team is courteous, friendly, and on-time. We believe that when we work hard for our customers, our results speak for themselves.

Y2K’s team of committed professionals is composed of people who love what they do, and as a result we are constantly growing. Our positive working environment translates to a preferred experience for our employees and customers, excellent communication and action, and overall superior value for the people that we serve. We believe the best business relationships involve people that are a pleasure to work with.

We have had the pleasure of serving the majority of our customers consistently for many years, which we believe is a testament to the exceptional quality of service that our team provides. Y2K’s honest and hard working approach to our business has allowed our customer pool to continually grow, enabling us to serve an expanded customer-base across a variety of industries with the utmost confidence. We are proud of the uncompromising service that we offer our customers, and plan to continue expansion of our business while continuing to build an environment of trust that will remain solid for years to come.

At the heart of our company, we strive to deliver reliable, friendly services at a competitive rate. We want our customers to feel like they have received the best value for their money and the best experience they could imagine. A returning customer is the best compliment we could ask for.

Do you need some transportation assistance? Call us today for a quote at 604-513-4810.